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Business Cards

Painted Edge Ultra Thick

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Clients will always remember getting your 32pt Ultra Thick Painted Edge card!

Painted Edge Color Options:

Metallic Blue, Metallic Gold, Metallic Green, Metallic Hot Pink, Metallic Orange, Metallic Purple, Metallic Yellow, Black Blue Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, or white unpainted super thick cards.

Raised Spot UV with Soft Suede Laminate


Raised spot UV ink on these velvet soft touch laminated cards instantly convey style and elegance. These cards always end a conversation on a positive note. 

Raised UV ink can be utilized on up to 20% of the card surface area on both sides of the card.

Make specific design elements really pop with this awesome feature!

Brown Craft 100% Recycled 


This rustic farm house option also has the added bonus of being printed on 100% recycle paper. 

Full color process printing available on both sides of your marketing or invitation piece. You can also add white ink for beautiful contrasts.

Metallic Foil Accent 

Foil Work Gold Silver Copper optimized.p

Ultra sophisticated silk laminated 16pt card with a variety of metallic foil color accents to choose from.

Foil color options: Black Foil, Blue Foil, Red Foil, Rose Gold Foil, and of of course Gold, Silver and Copper.

Pearl Metallic Paper

Pearl Desk Card Optimized.png

With a unique pearl shimmer style, this paper takes a minimalist design to the next level of elegance. 

This paper has a 14pt thickness perfect for beautiful invites and classy cards.